Breathalizer accuracy: what you should know about it

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Published: 25th January 2011
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Breathalyzers are implements that are extensively used by police officers and health care professionals to assess the amount of alcohol a civilian have in is blood. In many cases, the results are used to bring legal action against the civilian if their alcohol levels is over the legal limits. In the case you have failed a breathalyzer test lately and have been legally charged, you might want to read the important information in this article on breathalyzer accuracy.

The precision of a breathalyzer depends upon many different factors. One major factor is the quality of the implement. For example, a consumer grade tool will be less accurate than a professional tool used by police officers. This is because these products are built with less expensive parts in order to reduce their final retail costs.

Temperature, in some cases, can cause these tools to display inaccurate results. However, if the device is properly calibrated before the reading is taken, there are less chances of a false reading occurring.

Some researchers have stated that breathing patterns can affect the precision of a reading. Some studies have found that rapid breathing patterns may decrease the final reading result to a lower alcohol level, while holding your breath may increase the reading by a fairly large amount.

According to certain studies, there is a fairly large margin of error when it comes to comparing alcohol testers results to blood test results for alcohol levels. In any case, blood tests are considered to be the accurate source for such results. You may be wise to opt for a blood test if you find yourself in trouble due to alcohol.

You might think that with all the new technologies and engineering taking place today in the design and fabrication of alcohol breathalyzer, the resuts should be accurate and leave no room to interpretation. It is not the case! There is always a slight error margin that could be your escape door in case of a lawsuit. But you should never drive you car if the results are above the legal limit.

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